The Best LEGO Shops in the UK: A Shopper’s Paradise

LEGO enthusiasts, rejoice! The UK is home to some of the best LEGO shops, offering everything from the latest sets to rare pieces and custom builds. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual builder, these shops provide a treasure trove of LEGO delights. Let’s dive into the best LEGO shops in the UK that you simply cannot miss.

1. The LEGO Store, Leicester Square, London

The Flagship Experience

As the largest LEGO store in the world Buy Lego UK , the Leicester Square location is a must-visit. Here, you’ll find exclusive sets, life-sized LEGO sculptures, and a vast Pick & Build wall. The immersive experience makes it more than just a shopping trip—it’s an adventure.

Exclusive Offers

This store often has exclusive sets and limited-edition pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to check out the latest releases and special promotions.

2. Brick Lane, Brighton

A Hidden Gem

Brick Lane in Brighton is a haven for LEGO enthusiasts. This independent shop offers a wide range of sets, including hard-to-find and retired ones. The knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Events and Workshops

Brick Lane regularly hosts events and workshops, making it a great place to learn new building techniques and meet fellow LEGO fans.

3. FireStar Toys, Horsham

Minifigure Heaven

FireStar Toys specializes in custom minifigures and accessories. If you’re looking for unique additions to your collection, this is the place to be. Their extensive online store also makes it easy to shop from anywhere in the UK.

Custom Creations

The custom minifigures at FireStar Toys are particularly popular, featuring characters from movies, TV shows, and even historical figures.

4. The LEGO Store, Manchester

Northern Delight

The LEGO Store in Manchester offers a comprehensive selection of LEGO products, including exclusive sets and a large Pick & Build wall. The store’s central location makes it a convenient stop for any LEGO lover in the North of England.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays and building areas make this store a fun destination for families and kids.

5. Toy Planet, Derby

Family-Owned Charm

Toy Planet is a family-owned toy shop in Derby that boasts an impressive LEGO section. The friendly atmosphere and personalized service make shopping here a pleasant experience.

Special Deals

Keep an eye out for special deals and discounts, especially during the holiday season.

6. The Entertainer, Various Locations

Nationwide Presence

With stores across the UK, The Entertainer is a convenient option for LEGO shoppers. They stock a wide range of sets, from the latest releases to classic favorites.

Online Shopping

Their online store is user-friendly and offers a comprehensive selection of LEGO products, often with great deals and promotions.

7. Hamleys, London

Iconic Toy Store

Hamleys is one of the most famous toy stores in the world, and their LEGO section does not disappoint. Located on Regent Street, this iconic store is a must-visit for any LEGO fan visiting London.

Exclusive Sets and Displays

Hamleys often features exclusive LEGO sets and impressive displays that are worth checking out.

8. Smyths Toys Superstores, Various Locations

Great Selection

Smyths Toys Superstores are located throughout the UK and offer a fantastic selection of LEGO sets. They often have competitive prices and regular sales, making them a popular choice for LEGO shoppers.

Customer Rewards

Take advantage of their loyalty program to earn rewards on your purchases.

9. Brick Alley, Belfast

Unique Finds

Brick Alley in Belfast is known for its selection of rare and retired LEGO sets. If you’re hunting for a hard-to-find piece, this is the place to go.

Friendly Service

The staff at Brick Alley are passionate about LEGO and always happy to help you with your search.

10. The LEGO Store, Glasgow

Scottish Gem

Located in the heart of Glasgow, this LEGO store offers a wide range of sets and a dedicated area for custom builds. It’s a great spot for both locals and visitors to explore.

In-Store Activities

The store frequently hosts building events and activities for all ages, making it a fun destination for families.


The UK boasts an impressive array of LEGO shops, each offering something unique for fans of all ages. From flagship stores with exclusive sets to charming independent shops with rare finds, there’s a LEGO paradise waiting for you. Whether you’re in London, Brighton, or Belfast, make sure to visit these top LEGO shops for an unforgettable shopping experience.


What is the largest LEGO store in the UK?

The largest LEGO store in the UK is located in Leicester Square, London. It is also the largest LEGO store in the world, offering exclusive sets, life-sized sculptures, and a vast selection of products.

Where can I find rare LEGO sets in the UK?

Brick Lane in Brighton and Brick Alley in Belfast are excellent places to find rare and retired LEGO sets. These independent shops specialize in hard-to-find pieces and offer personalized service.

Are there any LEGO stores in Scotland?

Yes, there is a LEGO store in Glasgow, which offers a wide range of sets and a dedicated area for custom builds. It’s a great destination for LEGO fans in Scotland.

Do LEGO stores offer exclusive sets?

Yes, LEGO stores often have exclusive sets and limited-edition pieces that are not available elsewhere. The Leicester Square store in London, in particular, is known for its exclusive offerings.